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A day in the life of an author...

This blog is based on actual events...

Monday 23rd March, 2015

5:45am - Awoken by shouts of 'Daddy! I've finished my poo-poo!'

5:50am - Bum wiped, back in bed

6:00am - Can't sleep. Check Twitter.

6:10am - Boys making too much noise. Time to get up

7:05am - 2 episodes of Peppa Pig and 1 Scooby-Doo watched. Boys successfully dressed. In car on way to nursery

7:25am - Back home. Breakfast and cup of tea in front of news. Check Twitter.

8:15am - Damn! Is that the time? Need to go for a run. Check Twitter first.

8:35am - Damn! Really need to go for a run. Time to get dressed.

8:55am - Out for run.

9:25am - Crawl back in through door. Can't breathe.

9:45am - Can breathe again. Check Twitter. Check Facebook.

10:05am - Check emails.

10:10am - Wife texted to say have a good day writing.

10:15am - Shower and dress.

10:30am - Boot-up laptop. Open draft manuscript for a day's good writing.

10:31am - Time for morning coffee break.

10:55am - Check emails. Realise need to do a Q&A I committed to before I can start writing.

11:55am - Nearly lunch time, right? Check Twitter first.

12:25pm - Yeah, definitely lunch time now.

1:05pm - Finished lunch, finished watching Come Dine with Me Abroad. Open manuscript again.

1:06pm - Let me just check Twitter first.

2:00pm - Time for afternoon coffee break. Stick on movie "Kill the Irishman" - a biopic of Cleveland mobster Danny Greene - to watch while catching up on Twitter, Facebook, emails. It's good research too...right?

4:00pm - Open manuscript again. Read through last page of writing. No. Need more coffee to do this.

4:20pm - Damn! Forgot to put the washing on.

4:40pm - Wife calls to make sure I'm writing. Possible white lie told.

4:45pm - Well there's no point in starting writing now, almost time to get the boys.

5:30pm - Home with boys. Time for TV, stories, bedtime.

7:10pm - Time to make my tea. Wife comes home to be fed and watered.

8:00pm - Evening Twitter session.

9:10pm - Pudding.

9:30pm - Well it's definitely too late to start writing now. Check Twitter

10:00pm - In bed with Kindle. And wife. Ah, bugger. No writing again...

Daily stats:

Nappies changed: 2

Bums wiped: 3

Coffees: 3

Beers: 0 (good boy)

Words written: 1,458

Words written excluding Q&A, Twitter and Facebook: 0

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