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How to buy


Rise of the Enemy is available to buy now, worldwide, in hardback, paperback, ebook and audiobook formats.


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Everyone has a breaking point. Carl Logan might just have found his.

Rise of the Enemy is the gripping and suspenseful second novel in the highly-acclaimed and bestselling Enemy series of espionage thrillers featuring Carl Logan.

The JIA sends intelligence agent Carl Logan on a routine mission to Russia. It should have been simple. But when Logan’s cover is blown, he's transported into a world of hell he thought he would never see again.


Something is different this time, though, and before long doubts begin to surface in Logan's mind as to why the assignment went so wrong.


Logan has never been short of enemies. And sometimes the enemy is closer to home than you think.


Could his own people really have set him up?


The odds are against him. But Logan isn't a man who likes to be cornered. And when you poke a caged animal, you'd better be prepared for the consequences...




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