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James Ryker stumbles into a chilling conspiracy in a small Norwegian town . . .

Travelling through frozen north Norway, Ryker isn’t looking for trouble, but he has a habit of finding it. After a near miss on the road with a young moped driver, a local policeman assists the teenager and encourages Ryker on his way. But when Ryker travels to the nearby small town of Blodstein—only to be warded off by the locals when he asks questions about the boy he nearly killed—his instincts as a longtime intelligence agent fire.

Ryker is determined to find out who the boy is, and where he has gone, but soon finds himself pulling at the edges of a conspiracy that threatens to erupt with blood and violence. Unless he can determine the truth and put an end to it all. But as the outsider, is there anyone he can trust?

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Outsider is available to buy now, worldwide, in paperback and ebook formats.


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