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Echoes of Guilt

Echoes of Guilt FINAL.jpg

You can’t outrun your past...


It looks like suicide to DI Dani Stephens.

A woman drowned in a bath; half a bottle of vodka and a packet of pills. But then evidence suggests that the woman was murdered – and that solving this mystery will mean delving deep into the past.


Still haunted by the previous investigation that left her boyfriend in intensive care, Dani’s search takes her into the world of organised crime – people willing to kill for their secrets.

As more bodies are discovered, smiling in the background is the man who tried to end her life: her own twin brother. Even behind bars, it seems that Ben might just hold the key to everything.

But can she trust him enough to help her? And can Dani trust herself to catch a killer who will stop at nothing to keep her silent?


How to buy


Echoes of Guilt is available to buy now from all good book retailers.


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